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Kawasaki Motors is a Japanese based company founded by Kawasaki Shozo, who started his professional career by creating an overseas shipping business which quite literally sank in a storm. In April 1876 he created Kawasaki Tsukiji Shipyard on a piece of borrowed property from the government. Today this long standing Japanese company has an interesting and very solid history of building big, strong airplane, ship, tractor and train engines. Kawasaki engines are strong, powerful and rock solid. People that need the kind of power that doesn't come from other manufacturers know they’ll get what they want with Kawasaki engines. That’s why many look to Kawasaki for drag racing bikes.Powered by Kawasaki's powerful 649cc parallel twin DOHC engine, the Kawasaki Ninja 650R rips to highway speeds faster than you might expect. The 650R's power plant is in fact smaller in overall dimensions than the Kawasaki Ninja 500, creating a compact, powerful platform that inspires confidence in the rider from every turn. Liquid cooled, the Kawasaki Ninja 650R is tuned in every manner to wring every ounce of horsepower from the engine. Digital fuel injection is standard fare, making the fuel injection an extremely precise system on the Ninja 650R, and a six-speed transmission keeps the power coming throughout the engine's capability, making the Kawasaki Ninja 650R both an excellent commuter bike and weekend tourer.

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